Still reaching…

Here we are. Trudging along. More bemoaning our countless fervent setbacks. Now we have been without the internet so it’s akin to living in the Dark Ages, or The Great Depression. In trying to keep everyone adrift as well as myself motivated I pushed to post an update. Not much going on our way but trying to mastermind a miracle budget to fund our waining projects. Holding at bay the fear of our actors aging out or losing interest alltogether. Lately I’ve been keeping myself busy networking at the local filmmaking scene. Going to forums, learning, learning, listening, networking. Met some great people making their way in the film scene too. Everyone seems further along and more capable than us though. That’s my ever present pessimest talking though.

Some notable people have been Jim Weter with Cellardoor Cinema, Duane P. Craig, and The folks at TimidMonster. Once I establish normal net conditions I will make it my duty to blog at length about my workings and interactions with them, of which I have been lending myself to their productions as a P.A. (production assistant). Krueger is still happening. It is looking as if it will have to be shot in segments, maybe seasons, which is unfortunate, but…better than nothing. I’m still working it through the cogs. Also, I’m posting some casting calls for a new Freddy today. More to follow.

…And the train stops…

After multiple setbacks and our continual push ons, there is one insurmountable obstacle we just cannot surpass at this time…budgets. We have been wrestling with trying to build up our budget since our inception, and truth is, funds are slow to come. Without any help, we simply cannot proceed. We are at the mercy of time. I refuse to get subpar equipment for the sake of just trying to get a shoot done. I will be risking the quality of my production as well as the life of my equipment. So for now I am announcing the productions we have planned are on hold until further notice. We must do it right or not at all. So whether its 50.00 a month or a hundred here or there, as long as it takes to build the budget will be as long as it takes. Once we have the budget completely, we will start back up.

Production Assistant anyone?

Anyone who has been following GEF’s blog knows that we have been no stranger to adversity. It seems that the battle has been both an uphill battle as well as an increasingly devastating one. Through all this however, I must report some positive things that have occurred since this week’s tragic loss. We have posted that we are in search of interior locations to use for production, and one of our casted actor’s had a connection close to him that reached out to us. They offered us help with the locations and stated they may be able to provide some furnished interiors for us. So I am thankful and blessed for that. Also, Duane Craig, who is doing the efx for Krueger and ANOES, reached out and said they have room for some PA work. I’ve never done that before, so I definitely jumped at the chance to not only help out, but learn some real set experience as well. I should be gaining some IMDB credit with it, so that’s always a plus. Updates will follow and I will blog about the experience soon.

A word about Chuck from friend Forrest Pruett

A prince and a great man has fallen this day.

I just received sad news that my buddy and dear friend Chuck Jones passed away … Chuck was many things, an award-winning photographer, a world renowned musician and a very talented actor… Chuck was the very definition of “Artist ” he was always curious and able to adapt to whatever medium he pursued ..He was a gentle soul and always smiling and traveled with a song in his heart . He had a contagious enthusiasm and unbreakable spirit… Chuck was a nonstop creative force and his positive energy knew no limits… He was loved by many people and I love him very much ….I admired him in every way that a person can for his professionalism for his spirit and for his unwavering friendship… My deepest prayers and condolences go out to his family and to all the souls whose ever crossed paths with the man I called my brother Chuck Jones. -Forrest Pruett, Indie Acting Studio.

I met Chuck in early 2013, and in the short time I knew him I saw what a talented and kind soul this man possessed. We shared a kindred spirit and talked often although he had many projects going at once. He was casted to be the character of Freddy in our upcoming production of “Krueger and ANOES”, and needless to say I am and was deeply grieved to learn of his entirely unexpected passing. It does feel like a void is left in his absence, and although I must proceed, I must admit that I have a nagging prejudice that his shoes may not be filled. Chuck possessed a rare quality I see in others both as an artist as well as a person, for that my friend, you will be dearly missed. May you rest in peace…hope to see you again someday. - Erin Gray Sr.

Holiday updates and the cold…

It seems as the Winter creeps in colder, the slower progress is made. I have made numerous attempts at revising and creating scripts, much to little avail. Creativity seems to halt to a grind. The stress of Xmas doesn’t relieve anything either. I am planning to vacation with the family this holiday. Perhaps when the New Year kicks in we will roll immediately. I recently had surgery to my left arm, I have been rehabbing that as well. There have been many doctor visits as of late. Budget acquisition is still a priority to allow us to stay on schedule with our Spring shoot. How or what is the best way to get motivation back? I also am irked with the state of my technology. My PC seems too bogged down and slow, and there are so many new film gadgets to acquire, I feel so behind. Hell, Youtube won’t even work properly. I cannot update Flash, get new programs, etc. I hate feeling stuck in a rut. This seems like a seasonal rite of passage that I must endure.

Leap of faith

So I met with Chuck Jones this past weekend. We went over the developments with the project. Took a few photos while he was trying on the Krueger wardrobe (which I am debating about releasing yet). That ordeal went fine. I am still in the starting stages of writing our new script, and budgeting for the Nightmare project. I have to admit, recently, a director named Ti West was in Memphis for our annual film festival, I can’t help but wonder did I miss an opportunity to be discovered. Just only if I showed him my entire arsenal of talents and life work. Maybe he would’ve reached out if he could. It just makes me want to push that much harder to get prepared for moments like that. It’s imperative that I have my ducks in a row and stuff ready to show and go. Really thinking that once I finish the Nightmare project, if things don’t start to change dramatically, I’m off to do my endeavors in Texas. I really have to be more productive and take more proactive leaps of strategic faith than my usual reactive approach. The Nightmare project really must get completed by the summer of 2014.

Keep up!

Don’t forget, you can view all of G.E.F’s current projects by visiting the following link and clicking on the project of interest. It will include all the current info relating to that particular project.


Currently, at GEF, we are doing location scouting for the Nightmare projects and Efx artist scouting. Also we have an upcoming meeting with Chuck Jones, the actor playing Freddy Krueger on 11/2/13. Chuck Jones is an amazing talent being a photographer, actor, musician, and director. He has various projects on the horizon as well that may work in tandem with GEF. We will soon post images and updates from the meeting. We have started development on more scripts for original films to be shot soon as well. More to follow.


Although I would like to think I have many principle roles already filled, I may need to prepare for this. It still may be too early to say. So…


Tentative shoot: SPRING 2014


For the record…I hate doing callbacks. Really any public speaking for that matter. I am good in a conversation, at least when someone actually talks back. When doing callbacks, no matter how hard I try, I always end up sounding like a stammering unintelligible mess. This is when I try to slay the demon of leaving voice messages. I think this may be because of a combination of nerves and my brain moving too slow or fast to speak the thoughts simultaneously. It’s like I can’t multi-task my mouth and brain at the same time. I feel stupid even admitting that. My brain seems to need a good 90% of concentration for focus and thought to process ideas and what I am trying to do. My mouth drive seems to require at least 30%. Lol. I attempt to weed out what I want to say, plan to say, need to say, maybe should say, and misc, which comes out as gibberish as I filter it vocally. I could practice or keep deleting and rehearsing until I get the perfect message, but that takes too much time. I kind’ve hate calling actors/actresses right now anyways, asking about parts due to the shoot being so far off. What makes me think just because I feel good now for securing them now that when shoot time is here, they won’t be able to commit? That is one of the most recent problems I ran into. Scheduling problems with talent. Perhaps I need to hold off like I planned to do until about 2 to 3 months before shoot and see who’s available then. Might save me alot of wasted time and effort.

GreyElienFilms needs your participation!

Hello horror fans, As many of you know we are doing a new short film entitled, “Krueger: The Fall of the Springwood Slasher”. This film tells a tale of Freddy Krueger’s final week prior to his death at the hands of the residents of Springwood.

Here’s where I need you! Although many do not know the definitive story that we have written, I am seeking some horror fans to contribute to the process. Who knows, you may see some of your ideas materialize in our production! I would like to give fans of the Nightmare legacy the chance to voice what you may like to see happen in this version of the Krueger mythos.

If any of you have any ideas that you think would be a cool twist or things you would like to see, let us know! Shoot us your idea points to: with a subjectline of: Krueger story.

The Krueger film is on track to be released virally in 2014.